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From the initial design stages of your system, we explore the different options available to you and find the system that will provide you with the best outcome, long term, and within the budget you’re working. We use only the highest quality materials with a strong focus on renewable energy to ensure you’re compliant with all regulations. Full new house designs are an area we thrive on and enjoy planning with the customer/builder. Explaining the different options, the best setup for your lifestyle going forward and the most aesthetically pleasing installations.  



Wether it’s a simple remove and replace or a full new redesign, we will assist in planning your bathroom to maximise the space available, giving you the best possible layout design and of course, making sure the end product is something you, and we, can be proud of. It needs to be “photo worthy”, we understand the expense attached to these types of jobs and recognise the final bathroom design must be perfect.

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With a strong background in fitting multiple brands of Heatpumps, and with the market leaning so strongly towards these as the primary source of heating and hot water, we work closely with some of the top brands ensuring you get the best system for your home. Wether it’s a retrofit installation or a new home, you can be safe in the knowledge that this system is one we specialise in.



The days of radiators are slowly departing, and most new builds are now going for UFH, we have installed thousands of metres of pipe at this stage, a system we are very comfortable with, it’s becoming the new bread and butter of the domestic plumbing industry. From the initial design stage, the free provision of design drawings and an after care package of photos illustrating where your pipework is for any future construction you may require inside, you’re safe and warm in our hands.

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Simple repairs, replacements, new installations, changing over from solid fuel/gas to oil, regardless the situation, oil boilers are one of our main sources of heating and a product that we have been working on for 16 years.



Oil boiler service offered throughout Limerick City, breakdown and repairs covered. New boiler install commissioning, old boiler servicing, annual warranty service. All aspects of oil boiler service and repair offered.



From the initial “no obligation quote” stage, to the complete install of your Thermodynamic system, we cover it all. Using the best products on the market, you get a system giving you 24/7 hot water, not dependent on direct sunshine (something rare in Ireland) to operate.



A sensational product not many people know about. Replacing your current hot water cylinder, with its own built in small air to water heatpump attached, this creates 24/7 hot water, allowing your current heating system to focus on heating, and is an incredibly cost effective way of providing your hot water demands, with no external units on the roof or walls. Well worth a discussion!

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From ranges to log burners and multi fuel stoves, as country plumbers we were raised on solid fuel. Replacing older stoves, upgrading, linking in with our heating system to assist your oil boiler. Whatever the application, we can discuss the best installation to suit your needs, installed to the highest standard of safety. Not everyone can install solid fuel correctly, it’s one area you cannot install any less than 100% for the safety and operation afterwards. Solid fuel is an area that you can trust Murphy Plumbing Services to install perfectly.



Leaking pipes, malfunctioning showers, changing a shower door, regardless what the issue is, you can feel free to call us to ensure you’re sorted and up and running again as quickly as possible. It may be a small job to do, but if it needs doing, it’s best to get it done. Small issues neglected can lead to larger issues developing!

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